dennis oba

web developer / designer


about me

I'm a Front-End Web Developer based in Toronto. Coding allows me to build from my imagination and create memorable user expe- riences and design. On my off days, I love crafting leathergoods and exploring the city!

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broken radio puzzle

An app inspired by traditional puzzle boxes, this radio follows the same concepts by allowing users to discover visual and audio cues to solve the puzzle. Try and see if you can get it to play a song.

  • jquery
  • html5
  • css grid
  • sass

weather gallery

An app that pairs paintings with the weather condition of the city the user input. A collaboration with fellow Alex Shin, Powered by Openweather and Rijksmuseum API.

  • jquery
  • rest api
  • css grid
  • sass

box office boffo

An app that allows the user to make a list of the top grossing movies of the summer. Built with React, uses API calls and saves user lists in firebase. This app was in collaboration with Nathan Lui, Olfa Maslah and Morgan Lockhart.

  • react
  • rest api
  • firebase
  • html5
react router
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